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Proven Results Since 1967

Aggressive Defense Litigation Risk Management Strategies

New York Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys

Experienced, Aggressive and Sophisticated Defense

Based in Albany, New York, the law firm of Walsh and Hacker provides comprehensive legal counsel and representation to employers, municipalities, insurance carriers and third-party administrators.

For more than 40 years, our workers’ compensation defense has served the Capital District and surrounding regions of New York State. We apply aggressive proven strategies in all areas of workers’ comp and work injury litigation, appeals and settlements:

  • Fraud defense We challenge workers’ compensation claims based on faked disabilities and misrepresentations.
  • No accident defense We ask: Is the accident truly work-related? Did the employee give notice of an accident?
  • Medical causation defense We refute that a heart attack, fatality, mental stress or other subjective claim was job-related.
  • Voluntary removal from the labor market We demonstrate that permanent partial disability claimants are not, as required, seeking gainful employment.
  • “Rocket Docket” expedited claims We swiftly respond to these fast-track claims, in which a decision on benefits must be rendered within 90 days.

Our lawyers handle all types of work injuries, including occupational disease claims, back and neck injuries, heart attack claims, mental health claims and death benefit cases.

Our Clients

  • Uninsured employer defense We protect employers not covered by workers’ comp insurance, minimizing exposure from direct lawsuits for workplace injuries and state noncompliance penalties, including reduction or elimination of penalties imposed by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board for non-coverage of employees.
  • Self-insured employers We defend the interest of self-insured employers and third-party administrators.
  • Insurance companies We understand the many variables that insurance companies must take into account with workers’ compensation claims.
  • Municipalities and public entities We help governmental entities protect the taxpayers’ coffers by contesting and mitigating work injury claims.
  • GML firefighter and police officer claims We handle arbitrations under the special claims process of the General Municipal Law.
  • Volunteer firefighter benefits Special legislation gives the benefit of the doubt to volunteer firemen who claim duty-related injuries.
  • Out-of-state employers We help companies based outside of New York deal with workers’ comp claims or no-insurance penalties.
  • Second Injury Fund When a prior work-related injury or pre-existing condition results in a workers’ comp claim, employers/insurers can turn to the Second Injury Fund for relief. We handle pretrial conferences and litigation in these complex proceedings before the NYS Special Funds Conservation Committee.
  • Third-party liability defense — We are skilled at deflecting liability of third parties sued for damages in relation to a work injury. Our trial lawyers represent companies in civil litigation arising from product liability, torts, Labor Law, commercial premises liability and auto accidents. We also handle general commercial liability tort defense.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) defenseWalsh and Hacker provides effective representation for the complex federal regulations governing injury claims by dock workers and longshoremen injured in navigable waters of New York state.
  • Personal injury defense — We use our decades of experience in work injury and insurance litigation to defend insurers and third parties in personal injury or wrongful death litigation.

Exploring Your Rights and Options

We are a full-service firm that does more than litigate. As part of our litigation and risk management services, our attorneys provide claim reviews, legal opinions and skilled negotiation in settlement of claims outside the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board process. We also provide educational sessions for employers and adjusters through roundtable discussions or formal seminars.

We explain and protect your rights throughout the workers’ compensation claim process. Our experience and knowledge help us control your costs, whether you prefer to settle or litigate your case.

New York Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyers

Walsh and Hacker practices in Albany and the Capital District, and all surrounding counties of Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley, and we handle certain work injury claims throughout New York State. Contact us online, or call (518) 463-1269 or toll free (866) 240-3041 to arrange a confidential consultation with our workers’ comp claim defense lawyers.