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New York General Municipal Law Defense

GML Claims Defense: Police and Firefighter Work Injury

Police officers, corrections officers and career firefighters who are injured on the job are covered by special legislation in New York State known as the General Municipal Law (GML). Separate from New York State workers’ compensation, these claims can be complex — and expensive — if local government officials are not familiar with the claims process and defenses.

The Albany law firm of Walsh and Hacker provides defense counsel to cities and counties in the Capital District, Upstate and the Hudson Valley. We have experience with GML claims and arbitrations. Call (518) 463-1269 or toll free (866) 240-3041 to arrange a consultation.

New York General Municipal Law Attorneys

We have handled workers’ compensation defense for more than 40 years, and many of the same strategies apply to defending municipalities against General Municipal Law claims:

  • GML 207(a), which applies to injured firefighters
  • GML 207(c), which covers police officers, sheriff’s deputies and corrections officers

Unlike workers’ comp, fire and law enforcement personnel draw their full salary, tax-free, while they are on disability leave. However, the injury must be directly related to firefighting duties or police work. For example, an injury sustained subduing a suspect would be a 207(c) claim, while a slip-and-fall in the police station restroom would be a regular workers’ compensation claim.

Walsh and Hacker has recently defended sheriff’s departments, fire departments and municipalities against claims made by police and firefighters under the GML.

We also defend municipal clients and their carriers in Volunteer Firefighters’ Benefits claims, which are administered by the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board.

Contesting Injured Firefighter and Injured Police Officer Claims

There are many grounds for challenging GML claims, including whether it was a line-of-duty injury and whether or not the officer or firefighter is fit to return to light duty. We contest claims in arbitrations. Our attorneys have the experience and the means to bring in expert witnesses and cross-examine the claimant and opposing experts.

Few municipalities have the in-house ability to litigate GML injury claims. Contact the Albany lawyers of Walsh and Hacker to learn about our cost-effective litigation and settlement services for fighting these claims or mitigating the impact on the public coffers.