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Proactive Counsel To Limit Your Workers’ Compensation Exposure

At Walsh and Hacker, litigation and risk management is an important part of our attorneys’ workers’ compensation practice. We recognize that clients need to know their potential exposure when an employee is claiming a long-term or permanent disability.

Our attorneys have practiced extensively in workers’ compensation defense since 1967. We serve employers and their insurance carriers or third-party administrators throughout the state of New York. Contact us toll-free at (518) 463-1269 to discuss our litigation and risk management services.

Comprehensive Counsel And Representation

Workers’ compensation is a complex and technical area of the law. Our focused knowledge enables us to advise on when to litigate, when to negotiate and when to simply pay the claim. Our litigation and risk management services cover every aspect of mandated work injury insurance:

  • File or claims review – we can evaluate a single case or identify defense opportunities in multiple claims.
  • General legal opinions on trends, legislation or a particular issue
  • Opinions on the admissibility of medical testimony, private investigations and other expert testimony
  • Advice on documenting and investigating claims to make employees prove their case
  • Preparing clients and witnesses for a hearing
  • Settlement conferences to negotiate claims and gauge the potential exposure in litigation
  • Cost estimates of litigating a claim
  • Evaluating patterns in work injuries to help clients address unsafe conditions or problematic policies to prevent big payouts in the future

If our risk management assessment concludes that litigation is the best recourse, we make every effort to control client costs. For example, we may ask the court to rule on a specific issue rather than litigating the entire claim. We will also advise settlements mid-stream when it is in our client’s best interest.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

At Walsh and Hacker, all 10 of our lawyers practice in workers’ compensation law, and together we bring many decades of experience to your unique circumstances. Whether your business is located in New York City or elsewhere across the state, we invite you to contact our office via email or call (518) 463-1269 (local) or  (866) 240-3041 (toll free) to arrange a consultation about our litigation and risk management services.