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Proven Results Since 1967

Aggressive Defense
Litigation Risk Management Strategies


Proven Results Since 1967

Aggressive Defense Litigation Risk Management Strategies

Controlling Your Costs

Cost-Effective Representation in
New York Workers’ Compensation

Our trial lawyers enjoy litigating a challenging case. But we realize that it’s your financial stake on the line. In all we do, Walsh and Hacker is conscious of the costs of representation, balancing the potential gain against the potential exposure.

Our law firm is engaged primarily in workers’ compensation defense. Because of our focused representation dating back to 1967, we can reliably counsel clients about both the legal merits of claims and the costs of litigation versus settlement.

Based in Albany, New York, Walsh and Hacker represents employers large and small, municipalities, insurance companies and third-party administrators. For cost-effective and experienced legal advice, contact us at (518) 463-1269 or toll free (866) 240-3041.

How Walsh and Hacker Controls Your Costs

  • Results – Our attorneys have a reputation for success in workers’ compensation litigation. We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for some clients by defeating claims at trial. Claimant’s attorneys are well aware of our administrative trial victories and our record on appeals. This willingness to aggressively represent our clients often leads to favorable settlements that still save clients money.
  • Efficiency – We’ve been doing this for 40 years. We have the systems and personnel in place to review, settle and try claims with minimal distraction and expense. We keep litigation focused to specific points of law to keep costs down.
  • Litigation & Risk Management – We advise on how to document and investigate work injuries to put the burden of proof on the claimant. We use private investigators, issue written opinions and hire medical experts to reduce any potential exposure.
  • Client Focus – We sit down with clients to discuss their risk tolerance and give an honest assessment of the case. If paying the claim makes fiscal sense, we’ll say so. If the costs of litigation would barely offset a victory, we’ll say so. Are you willing to litigate an issue to avoid a major payout, or are you content with trying to mitigate your losses through a negotiated settlement?

Can You Afford to Litigate? (Can You Afford Not To?)

Contact our Albany office today to discuss our results and our methods of controlling your costs. You might find a firm that charges less per hour, but that doesn’t mean they’re cost-effective. Be sure your firm knows what it’s doing and is watching your bottom line.

The Albany, New York workers’ compensation defense firm of Walsh and Hacker represents employers and third-party administrators in the Capital District, Upstate and the Hudson Valley, including Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Greene, Columbia, Albany, Saratoga, Westchester, Rockland and Warren Counties. We handle hearings in Plattsburgh, Saranac Lake, Utica, Schenectady, Albany (Menands), Hudson, Norwich, Poughkeepsie, and New Windsor (Newburgh). Call us about representation in other districts of New York