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Proven Results Since 1967

Aggressive Defense Litigation Risk Management Strategies

New York Claims Review Lawyers

Exploring Your Claim Exposure and Defense Strategies

Litigation is not the only way to control workers’ compensation costs. Every claim is unique, and it may be more prudent to settle the case, arbitrate or take your chances and let the claim run its course.

Walsh and Hacker provides comprehensive risk management services in the field of work-related injury, including claim reviews. We analyze each claim on its merits to give our legal opinion of the potential exposure, the applicable defenses and the best options.

Based in Albany, we analyze workers’ compensation and related claims on behalf of employers, government entities, insurance carriers and third-party administrators. Arrange a consultation (518) 463-1269 or toll free (866) 240-3041.

New York Workers’ Compensation Claim Review Attorneys

We can review an individual claim to identify the defenses and give our measured assessment of how the case would most likely shake out in trial and appeal. We can also review a batch of workers’ comp claims to identify defense opportunities and decide which should be settled and which are worth contesting.

We are confident that our experience and efficiency from 40-plus years in workers’ compensation defense will prove cost-effective to you. In addition to straight workers’ comp claims, we have experience with special claims by police or firefighters or volunteer firemen injured on the job.

If your controverted claim is a candidate for litigation and appeals, we can skillfully take the case through those channels. If your case is more amenable to settlement to mitigate your losses, we are accomplished negotiators.

Statewide New York Claims Review Attorneys

Our lawyers provide claims review, litigation strategy and representation to insurers, TPAs and employers throughout New York State. Contact the Albany office of Walsh and Hacker to discuss our full service capabilities.