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Workers’ Compensation Defense For Government Employers

Across New York state, local government entities are being squeezed by declining revenues and increasing operating costs. Workers’ compensation claims can represent a substantial outlay, especially for claims culminating in accidental disability retirement.

Many municipalities and school boards have turned to Walsh and Hacker for aggressive representation to keep their workers’ compensation costs down. In many cases, we have successfully contested or mitigated work injury claims in hearings and appeals. In other cases, we have enabled clients to cut their losses through the settlement of claims.

We provide workers’ compensation defense to a number of towns, cities, counties, transit authorities and school districts throughout the state, including New York City. Call us at (518) 463-1269 to arrange a consultation.

Mitigating Work Injury Costs

Public sector employees are covered by New York State workers’ compensation the same as workers in the private sector. We have defended workplace accident and work-related injury claims involving every category of non-uniformed government workers, including clerical and administrative employees, utility and maintenance workers, law enforcement and corrections personnel, firefighters, inspectors, bus drivers, parks department personnel, teachers and social workers.

We are familiar with the common workers’ comp claims in those categories and the defense strategies to fight claims or mitigate the provider’s costs of coverage.

We also defend municipalities under special New York work injury laws that apply to police officers and firefighters (general municipal law) and volunteer firefighters (volunteer firefighters’ benefits law). Our experience in these specialized claims can help our governmental clients avoid large payouts or control ongoing costs of disability benefits.

Pursuing Your Interests In A Variety Of Venues

Our experienced lawyers have defended public entities and their carriers or third-party administrators in arbitrations and in hearings before administrative law judges and the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, and we are also effective negotiators.

To discuss our cost-effective legal counsel and representation, contact our office.