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Are You Overpaying To Settle Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Sometimes it is more prudent to cut your losses than to litigate a case on shaky grounds. But how do you know if you are paying too much to close a claim? How do you know whether to contest a workers’ compensation claim or settle it?

The defense lawyers of Walsh and Hacker have litigated and resolved New York state workers’ compensation claims since 1967. From experience handling thousands of cases, our defense lawyers can advise on the merits of formally controverting the case versus engaging the employee and plaintiff counsel in settlement talks.

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Helping You Control Costs And Mitigate Liabilities

We provide comprehensive litigation and risk management services to private and public employers, and to workers’ comp carriers and third-party administrators throughout New York. This includes settlement of permanent partial disability (PPD) and permanent total disability (PTD) cases to mitigate the exposure of an open claim.

The value of workers’ compensation cases has increased. For a career-ending work injury, employer-paid insurance may provide $700 a week, tax-free, plus the indefinite costs of ongoing medical treatment. It is critical to involve legal counsel early in the case to weigh defense strategies against settlement opportunities. Our experienced lawyers can help you make informed decisions to control costs and minimize risks.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Negotiation

We can set up a Section 32 settlement conference to settle a single case or a swath of similar cases. Section 32 is a voluntary process by which carriers and claimants can enter into a written agreement to settle claims for a lump sum payment. Settlement often takes place after surgery or maximum medical recovery.

Get An Honest Assessment Of Your Options

To discuss workers’ compensation claim valuation and the pros and cons of settling your case(s), contact the office of Walsh and Hacker today.