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Proven Results Since 1967

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New York "Rocket Docket" Lawyers

Expedited Claims in Workers’ Compensation Defense

Under former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the state of New York created an expedited trial calendar for controverted workers’ compensation claims. The challenges and urgent issues that arise in these “Rocket Docket” cases require earlier involvement of defense attorneys to effectively counter the plaintiff’s case.

The law firm of Walsh and Hacker has defended employers, insurance carriers and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation cases since 1967. Our experienced attorneys are equipped to address expedited work injury claims, mounting an effective defense within the shortened window and helping clients limit their costs and exposure.

New York “Rocket Docket” Attorneys for Contested Workers’ Comp Claims

We regularly represent clients in New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) hearings at locations in the Capital District, Upstate and the Hudson Valley. Under the expedited rules instituted in January 2009, the Board must resolve controverted cases within 90 days on the issue of liability. The majority of Rocket Docket cases are workplace accident claims or carpal tunnel claims.

There is a rigorous process to contest work injury claims under the expedited trial calendar. We assist carriers and TPAs in submitting the complicated C-7 Notice of Controversion form, PH-16 pre-hearing statements and enhanced C-2 employer reports on work accidents or injury.

Protecting Your Interests in a Fast-Forward Process

The expedited calendar was intended to help injured workers whose wage and medical benefits are in limbo for many months. However, the Rocket Docket creates undue burden for employers, insurers and claims administrators. Our workers’ compensation defense team enables clients to swiftly respond to and assert their statutory defenses against questionable claims.

Our lawyers have a very strong record in workers’ comp hearings and appeals, and in settlement of claims when appropriate to limit clients’ exposure. For a full explanation of the Rocket Docket process and how we can advocate effectively for you, contact our Albany expedited claims attorneys today.