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Proven Results Since 1967

Aggressive Defense Litigation Risk Management Strategies

New York Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys for Out-of-State Employers

Work Injury Claims Defense · Penalties for No Insurance

Any business that operates in the state of New York is subject to its workers’ compensation regulations. If you have even one employee stationed in New York, you are accountable for wage and medical benefits from a job-related injury. You can also be penalized by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs for failing to carry workers’ comp insurance.

The law firm of Walsh and Hacker in Albany, New York, has represented many out-of-state employers who need local counsel for workers’ compensation matters in New York State. In the majority of cases, we can handle these matters on your behalf without you having to travel to New York.

Call (518) 463-1269 or toll free (866) 240-3041 to arrange a consultation with lawyers who focus almost exclusively on work-related injuries.

New York Workers’ Comp Claim Defense for Out-of-State Employers

We regularly represent employers in neighboring jurisdictions such as New Jersey and Connecticut who have established operations within New York State. We have also represented employers from as far away as California and Germany who have one or more employees working in New York — perhaps a buyer, marketing rep or “advance scout.”

Our comprehensive services to non-New York companies include:

  • Workers’ compensation defense — We have a solid record of challenging and mitigating work injury claims at every level, including administrative and court appeals.
  • Contesting no-insurance penalties — The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs comes down hard on offenders, especially employers not based in New York. We can mitigate and sometimes defeat the heavy fines.
  • Risk management services — We can review claims and educate out-of-state employers, insurers or third-party administrators on the regulations and nuances of New York State workers’ compensation to ensure compliance and minimize exposure.

We Can Take Care of These Issues for You

The Workers’ Compensation Board is headquartered in Albany, which is also where the Walsh and Hacker firm is located. We are eminently equipped to protect the interests of employers who have workers’ compensation issues in the Capital District, Upstate, the Hudson Valley or anywhere in New York State.

Contact us today to discuss your situation with attorneys who understand the special considerations for employers based outside of New York.