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Challenging False And Exaggerated Claims Of Disability

Walsh and Hacker has successfully applied a fraud defense to challenge workers’ compensation claims. Our intervention has led to the disqualification of claims and sometimes recovery of benefits paid, with penalties.

As a leader in workers’ compensation defense in New York State, our lawyers work to expose work injury scams to protect our clients’ interests. We represent employers, insurers and third-party administrators throughout the state, including New York City. If you suspect fraud, call our toll-free number: (866) 240-3041.

Types Of Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Claims

Section 114 and Section 114(a) of the New York State workers’ compensation statute allows the Workers’ Compensation Board to disqualify employees from receiving workers’ compensation benefits for misrepresentation of material facts, such as:

  • False statements and willful and intentional misrepresentations
  • Inflating the degree of disability
  • Claiming workers’ comp for a non-work injury
  • Working another job while “temporarily disabled”
  • Lying under oath to the Workers Compensation Board
  • Inducing others to lie to support a disability claim
  • Misleading an attending physician or consulting physician

Our attorneys use aggressive techniques, including private investigators and medical experts, to expose exaggerated and patently false claims. If we prove that the claimant has received benefits through material misrepresentation, Walsh and Hacker will seek to recover those funds through various statutory remedies.

Do You Believe A False Claim Has Been Filed? Talk To Us.

Having served New York employers and insurers for 50-plus years, Walsh and Hacker is eminently qualified to handle your fraud defense case. Call us toll-free at (866) 240-3041 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.