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Handling Workers’ Comp Claims For Job-Induced Heart Attacks

If an employee suffers a heart attack while on the job, the big question is whether the trauma is work-related or merely happened at work. The answer to that question may equate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For more than 40 years, the New York law firm of Walsh and Hacker has provided defense counsel and representation for workplace injuries. We have the skill and resources to challenge workers’ compensation heart attack claims to deflect liability or limit the losses on payment of claims.

We provide vigorous workers’ compensation defense to employers, insurers and third-party administrators throughout the state, including New York City. Call us at (518) 463-1269 to arrange a consultation.

Understanding The Costs Associated With Heart Attack Claims

Heart attack claims represent a major potential exposure for employers and carriers:

  • Disability pay for many years
  • Restricted duty for the rest of the person’s working life
  • Massively expensive heart surgery
  • Death benefits if the employee died or later dies

These are hard cases to defend, but they can be won. Essentially, the burden is on the employer to prove that a heart attack was not brought on by the rigors of the job.

Walsh and Hacker coordinates a thorough review of the medical records and the person’s risk factors (smoking, overweight, diet, genetic predisposition, heart defects, prior attacks, etc.). We can bring in medical experts to contest that the employee’s regular job duties or duties on the fateful day of injury would have triggered a heart attack.

Learn Your Options Before You Take Action

Without the right counsel, you may be on the hook for substantial benefits for an indefinite period of time. Walsh and Hacker will analyze your best recourse, from litigation and appeals to settlement negotiations, to mitigate your exposure.

Contact our office to arrange a consultation with experienced lawyers who have handled worker heart attack claims.