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Defending Board-Imposed Penalties For No Insurance Coverage

Whether or not you have failed to renew your workers’ compensation insurance coverage or have let it lapse, Walsh and Hacker can defend you.

We Bring Decades Of Experience To Each Case

At Walsh and Hacker, we will put forty years of experience to work negotiating with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to either drop or reduce your penalties. We have reduced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of penalties over the last few years.

Contact Walsh and Hacker to add take advantage of this track record.

Resolve Your Insurance Lapse Or Failure To Renew Concerns

You may have gone without workers’ compensation insurance coverage for a host of reasons. Perhaps you were unaware that your coverage ended or forgot to renew. Perhaps you didn’t have the ability to finance the coverage at the time.

New York State takes an aggressive stance in going after businesses that let workers’ compensation coverage lapse. It continually runs audits and checks records. If it finds that you do not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, it may impose thousands of dollars worth of penalties.

If this kind of aggressive stance is taken against you, you will benefit by hiring an attorney who can take the same aggressive stance for you. We are familiar with the Board’s policies and know when they are willing to compromise.

Our lawyers will help you respond to the Board’s penalty notice in a timely fashion and file the appropriate paperwork. We have years of workers’ compensation negotiation experience that we will use to fight your penalties.

Get Skilled And Assertive Representation From Day One

We defend state-wide, out-of-state, and international employers. We will work hard to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Complete our online form or call us toll-free at (518) 463-1269 to contact our New York firm.